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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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san jose where a memorial is growing this evening. >> reporter: he is beyond grief- stricken. he was able to escape the gunfire but his partner wasn't. he stopped by to pay his respects where he was gunned down. >> i just wish he would have made it through. i just -- didn't deserve that. >> reporter: you don't have to see his face to hear his heart ache. he wept, devastated his partner died taking a bullet for him. >> the first bullet went past my head and he jumped in the line of fire protecting me and my other partner that was out there. whoever else was out there. took the bullets for us. >> reporter: a security guard
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was manning the door when he heard a commotion at the liquor store next door before 10:00 p.m. saturday night. when he attempted to stop the thief that took $20 worth of cigars gunfire erupted. she spent monday afternoon posting up flyers with a go fund me page for his family. he is thankful he saved her son's life. >> in my eyes he is a hero. and i will do whatever i can to help his family and his children. >> reporter: police say he was 34 years old. friends say he had two children. one had just turned 7. his boss said he was a hard worker. asking to work more to take care of his family. >> he basically dieed a hero saving us -- died a hero saving
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us. there is not anything i can do to repay him. >> reporter: his mother will be flying in from mexico tonight to identify her son's body. the family plans to burry him in mexico. police are reviewing surveillance video. they have not made any arrests. if you would like to help we posted the go fund me page on our website, and maureen naylor will be covering a candlelight vigil tonight for the 10:00 p.m. news. >> azenith smith in san jose, thank you. now to developing news at ports along the west coast. today for the third day in a row operations were shut down over a labor dispute and nowficials are stepping in. -- now officials are stepping in. u.s. labor secretary arrived in the bay area today. ktvu's tom vacar is live now with the latest on the talks and the situation that could
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lead to a total shut down. >> reporter: can the secretary actually forge a settlement or is this the last gap before a shut down? >> reporter: look at this. an ocean of containers and trucks log jammed into a massive parking lot. and this is just one of many lots jammed, many holding cargoes long over due or waiting to be loaded for export. rail yards are usually busy, idle. both sides hardened their positions to the point that the most important west coast ports are at the tipping point. >> we need to get the people back to work. that is what is very concern about this. absolute grid lock --
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concerning about this. absolute grid lock. . >> reporter: last week the employers warned the labor slow down would so cripple the ports a lock out would be necessary and then the obama administration could force the parties back to work and back to the negotiating table for 80 days. >> maybe that is what we need because this has been going on for 9 months. >> reporter: the damage is mounting at the rate of a billion dollars a day. twice that if there is a lock out or strike. >> laws have to be changed to protect the u.s. consumers. all the workers. other than the dock workers. the pacific maritime association. all these things need to change. >> the secretary has his work cut out for him. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> let's say there was an
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agreement tomorrow, how long would it take for all of these delays to be overcome? >> reporter: at the best estimate 2-3 months because of all the boxes all over the place. there is stuff in mexico that should have been in oakland. et cetera. this is a wild situation. it is hard to understand how 9,000 trucks will be -- [ indiscernible ] >> just gets worse each day they have this dispute going on. tom vacar that port of oakland, thank you. the deadline for californians to enroll in healthcare coverage has come and gone. anyone who started the process under covered california has till friday to complete it and anyone who doesn't have insurance faces $325 or 2% of their income penalty. a glitch with the irs on
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saturday prevented some people from being able to verify their incomes. sunny california, the number one state in the nation for this solar power industry. california added 7500 new solar jobs last year for a total of 55,000. massachusetts was second with 9400 solar jobs. california also leads the nation with 2,094 solar companies and 2 million homes powered by solar energy. now to the weather. a beautiful president's day holiday across the bay area. while they are digging out back east, look at what it is like here, people heading to the beach. dozens of people enjoying the sun today. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the conditions in the weather center. >> hard to believe we are in the middle of winter. >> crazy. east coast under 8 feet of
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snow, boston and here, yesterday record warmth. today mid-70s. we talked earlier on the fike p.m. broadcast about the pollen counts. seeing a lot of pollen because the trees are fooled into thinking it is march or april. 74 in santa rosa. 76 napa. if you suffer from allergies, you are noticing it. what feels like a cold is in many cases an allergy. 65 fairfield. 58 concord. waiting for rain around here. we got more warm days ahead of us before the rain gets here. what i am going to do, when i come back we will search for rain and we will talk more about the warm up because we are cooling off right now. we will see you after the break. >> thank you. police are looking for an at risk elderly woman who disappeared last week. she was last seen at the
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downtown hayward b.a.r.t. station around 2:30 p.m. thursday afternoon. she is 5 feet tall, 160 pounds. white hair and brown eyes and walks with a red walker and suffers from bipolar disordered and depression. police say if you have information about this case give them a call. new at 6:00 p.m. president's day meant a three day weekend for most students but not in san francisco. officials shifted the celebration to friday. ktvu's david stevenson is live now in the city where why it has to do with the specific cultural community. david? >> reporter: with the chinese lunar new year falling on thursday this week officials said it made sense to move the president's day holiday celebration. >> reporter: many families spent theidate at fisherman -- spent the day at fisherman's wharf but for san francisco
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public schools students it was business as usual. >> it was unfair. >> the school district shifts the holiday to friday to follow thursday's lunar new year holiday. >> this decision is very much a reflection of the community that we sever which is asian and we know that thursday is a important day for them. >> the lunar new year school holiday has been celebrated since 2006. the plan to shift the holiday has been in the works since 2013. officials say while it may inconvenience some it makes sense to give students a four day weekend. >> we knew they had off monday and again on thursday but not on friday. we would see a high level of absences on friday. >> reporter: she says she will have to take off two days from work. >> it will be a problem and then if we can't take the day off then you have to pay a sitter. you know? >> reporter: other parents
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called it uplifting. >> we will get the chance for the children to learn about the chinese culture. take time off on thursday and friday. only once a year, right? >> reporter: officials began alerting folks about this schedule january last year when it was approved and they made a lot of robo calls to parents to remind them. >> how unusual is it to shift the celebration of a national holiday to another day? >> school officials say it is unusual but not unprecedented and it doesn't have to be celebrated in the school district on the official day or at all. they have a calendar group who work on the schedule of the holidays for the school year and officials say when they realized they would fall on the same week they made the decision they did and that is why we have the solution we have this week. >> david stevenson in san
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francisco tonight. thank you. coming up, a suspicious fire at at east bay school. >> scary. i guess. knowing that someone was trying to burn down something of the school. >> reporter: up next new developments from officials. plus the evidence investigators say they found at the scene. >> new developments in the case of a famous land mark in the wine country gone missing. where a long lost moose head turned up.
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school cafeteria goes up in flames and investigators are looking into whether someone intentionally set it. they found evidence that shows someone was there with had the fire -- when the fire started. ktvu's rob roth has more on the damage. will students be able to go to
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class tomorrow? >> reporter: claremont middle school was closed because of president's day but the school district announced claremont middle school will be open tomorrow. >> reporter: even though today is a holiday students and parents stopped by claremont middle school on college avenue to have a look. some students worry the fire was deliberately set. >> scary, i guess. knowing someone was trying to burn down something. >> the fire broke out at 2:00 a.m. this morning. they contained it to the cafeteria which is separate from the school. >> most of the equipment, if not all, was ruined. we won't be able to use it again. >> reporter: officials are calling the fire suspicious. they are unsure how the fire started but they found something unusual. there is evidence someone tried to put the fire out but failed. >> on arrival they found one of
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the doors was opened to the cafeteria. someone maybe got into the cafeteria before us. >> reporter: they spent the day evaluating whether it would be safe to turn the water and power back on. the cafeteria will be out of commission for the rest of the school year. lunches will be delivered each day. parents consider the school safe, still -- >> it worries me. >> reporter: officials will be checking video to see if it can tell them what happened here this morning. julie? >> rob. thank you. paying a fee to hike mission peak. the hope is to get it on the agenda for discussion. people complained about over crowding and noise. other ideas up for discussion include the addition of 300
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parking spaces. charging visitors parking fees and adding new public rest rooms. another place where you can get up close to nature is muir woods. ktvu's noelle walker found out getting in and out of muir woods was no stroll in the park. >> visit to muir woods usually costs $7. today it is free. >> people feel they won the lottery. >> reporter: it is a chance to get up close to nature. and marvel at skyscrapers. >> can't come close to seeing the top. [ talking at the same time ] >> the beauty of muir woods
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has already been a draw and they don't need a free day. >> when we saw all the cars we had trouble parking. [ laughter ] >> her husband has to walk a mile to get the car. >> reporter: traffic looks more like a freeway. the lots were full early. a parking space for a lucky few. >> reporter: just down the street a busy free weekend. >> you can't leave. making people happy. >> reporter: is a money making about to -- opportunity. >> made $56. >> the traffic outside their home -- >> getting worse and worse. >> reporter: turns what used to be a short drive into a slog. >> people are waiting two
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hours. the price of -- [ indiscernible ] noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. >> those girls are no dummies. lemonade stand is in the right spot. >> i got to take my family there. it is incredible how big the red woods are. beautiful. >> giant. >> in person too, amazing. our weather. our chief meteorologist bill martin. when was the last time you went? >> i was over there yesterday. riding bikes. you know what is cool about the trees, they make their own precipitation. their leaves are in such a way, when the fog hits the lives it condenses -- [ talking at the same time ] >> they create measurable rainfall. that is why they are so --
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impressive. the temperatures outside right now, 75 vallejo. 71 livermore. contoured. highs from today. highs tomorrow will be cooler. and then they trend up again. fog back along the coast. right there. it will stay about the coast. not going to push inland. temperatures over night, like it has been. and it will stay like that. upper 60s and low 70s. there is the fog push in the morning hours. 6:00 a.m. you will see a combination of valley fog, right? with coastal fog. and that makes for issues on the bridges. this type of pattern is heck on the morning commute. valley fog, coastal fog. when they merge -- tomorrow's temperatures cooler. low 70s. east of the area. most of us are in the 60s tomorrow. check out this dry pattern. i will stop it right here. this is next saturday.
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it will be dry. watch what happens. a low-pressure system in the southwest. it will work its way back. see how it comes back this way? could that bring snow in the mountains? yes. a massive production of rain and snow? probably not. if system would be light rain at best. maybe some snow. not what we need. a future in the model. besides that wee dry. nothing coming from the typical direction. that the a long way out. a week away. the long range models. highs for tomorrow. march 1, it wants to go into a wet pattern again. but it is a ways off. we have to deal with what we got. dry, above average temperatures. warm. and i have to say, yesterday,
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especially, it felt like -- like, okay. feels weird. yesterday and this morning, temperatures in the 70s 70s and 80s in february, starting to feel odd. >> my daughter went swimming today. bizarre. [ talking at the same time ] >> people are out and about. so nice. >> spring fallen. trees are blooming. >> all confused. >> yeah. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. a famous land mark that disappeared on new year's eve was returned this morning. the lost wooden moose head was left in the driveway of the mayor's home. a neighbor called to tell her the mousse head was dollar. it was cut from a tree on dry creek road. police don't intend to press charnels. the goal was -- charges. the goal was to recover it and return it. >> case solved. a's fan favorite is retiring after 20 years and the
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warriors return from new york after the all star weekend. mark is up next with sports. >> gasia mikaelian is in the news room with what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. >> coming up at 7:00 p.m. a tale of two movies. the decision to show a steamy r rated movie and a kids film. and one of the biggest security breaches ever. hackers, a billion dollars and bank. we are working on these stories and more coming up at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36.
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the warriors were well represented that all-star game. they didn't let down. >> all the hype leading up to it and the warriors having an imprint at madison square garden. they owned the weekend. you heard by now steph curry won the three point shooting contest and klay thompson number two. man, offense all over the
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place. curry from klay thompson. man, he sits down great assists. made that shot right there. over all just a lot of fun for the golden state warriors to be participates and stars in a great contest. >> we are both in the starting line up. it is pretty special. i don't think two guys from the warriors have been in the starting line up since 1992 or something like that. we are doing things that haven't been done in a long time and we will remember this and hopefully, like i said, be doing great things come post season. >> how did you like that assist? good stuff. >> getting ready for spring training later this week. the hayes and giants -- the a's and giants, pitchers and catchers will report. jason geomby announced he is retiring from major league baseball. can't believe it.
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20 years in the big leagues. 440 home runs. best work with the oakland a's. won mvp in 2000 and starred with the yankees. the big thing i got to say about him, he admitted he used performance enhancing drugs. came out clean. end of story. >> exactly. >> treated it like a man. >> nice long career. 20 years. thank you. at 10:00 p.m. people forced to choose between a pet and a place to live. all tonight at 10:00 p.m. good night. >> see you later.
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